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Why More Homeowners Are Switching to Smart Lighting Automation

Lutron Lighting Control Offers Beauty, Safety, and Ease of Living

Why More Homeowners Are Switching to Smart Lighting Automation

Do you remember, in the not too distant past, when our lights remained constant? One color, one intensity, one hue. Thanks to changing technology, lights today can transform our living spaces, creating incredible beauty and ambiance with one touch of a button or voice command. Lutron lighting control makes this possible for homes in The Hamptons, NY, with tunable lighting. Learn more below!

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Beauty, Design, and Enjoyment

When you upgrade to Lutron’s Ketra tunable LEDs, you have virtually every color in the visible light spectrum to choose from. In addition, your lighting can automatically adjust throughout the day, mimicking the changes in sunlight as it moves across the sky. 

The lights in the morning slowly illuminate to a golden hue, transforming to blue tones that energize as the day progresses. When night descends, warm, red tones evoke a sense of relaxation and peace. This lighting helps your body align with its circadian rhythm, the body's internal time clock that affects our sleep-wake cycle and is influenced by light.

Our certified technicians at Advanced Home Audio can also program scenes to help set the stage for different occasions. With one touch, a dinner scene can set the mood with lighting that appears as a soft candlelight glow. The entertainment scene can transform your home and backyard with arctic blue tones, warm amber shades, or awash rooms in different colors and intensities. The possibilities are truly endless with this type of lighting.

Of course, we’ll also highlight your fine artwork and furnishings, making sure to program the right light that brings out their best features, as the artist intended.

Ease of Living

Replace traditional switches and dimmers with elegant keypads, touchscreens, and remote controls. With one touch of a button, you can turn all the lights on or off throughout your home or set them to custom brightness levels and hues.

Did you forget to turn off the lights before you went to bed? When your lights are integrated with your other home automation devices, one button press can turn off the lights, lock the doors, arm the alarm system, and leave a dimly lit trail of lights from your bedroom to the bathroom or kitchen.

Security and Safety

Home security can also be enhanced with Lutron lighting control. We can program the system so that your indoor and outdoor lights turn on to full brightness if a potential intruder is detected. We can also schedule some exterior lights to start flashing, deterring any trespasser, and letting law enforcement easily identify your home. 

Lutron’s geofencing capabilities also enable you to come home to a well-lit house. We’ll program the system to control lighting based on your location. For example, when you’re returning home at night, the system will sense when you’re in a certain radius and turn on the outdoor landscape lighting in the front yard as well as the patio and foyer lights. We can also integrate your lighting system with your audio system so that you arrive home to your favorite music playing throughout your home.

Lutron light control works intuitively with the other automated systems in your home, creating seamless connectivity with your audio-video, security, and climate control systems. Automated lighting truly revolutionizes how you manage your spaces; it transforms your mood, home décor, and sense of security with one touch.


At Advanced Home Audio, our 50+ years of combined experience in electronics and engineering allows us to provide our clients with the latest customized home automation technology that transforms their lives. To learn more about the impressive capabilities in automated lighting or to schedule a free consultation, contact us by calling (203) 922-0051 or filling out our contact form!