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Create the Perfect Mood in Every Room with Smart Lighting Control

Create the Perfect Mood in Every Room with Smart Lighting Control

When you get home after a long day of work, you likely turn the lights on first before taking off your shoes and changing clothes to relax. Our homes are our safe places, where we come to rest and reset before going back out into the world the next day. Lighting plays such an essential part in creating that serene environment. Different types of illumination play different roles in each space, from ambient to task lighting. That’s why it’s critical to have a sophisticated lighting control system to create just the right atmosphere in every room of your Greenwich, CT home.

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Dimmable Lighting That’s Just Enough

There’s nothing like good lighting to set a certain mood in a room. But creating that mood requires a bit of manipulation on the part of your lighting system. For example, warm low lighting might be cozy while watching a movie in the den, but reading a book might require higher light levels. Dimmers allow you to adjust the current to your light to provide more or less lighting to your specifications. With an automated lighting control system, you can change and program lighting to dim at different levels all over your home any time of day. If you want the lights in the kitchen to dim and the lights in the game room to brighten after dinner, you can set your system to do just that.

LED Lights to Simulate Daylight for the Task at Hand

A decade ago, you could only find LEDs in one color temperature, making them difficult to use in lighting designs where the ambiance was a key feature. Now, LEDs can be found in a spectrum of color temperatures, making them ideal not only as a long-lasting energy-saving device light but also for design.

One of the best ways to incorporate them into your home lighting design is to take advantage of tunable solutions that simulate the changing color temperature and brightness of the sun. Simulated daylight keeps you better connected to nature while indoors, helps to regulate your internal clock, and elevates the design of your spaces. Tunable LEDs are not only great for providing variety in your lighting design but also offer zero-heat, energy-efficient luminosity for tasks in spaces like garages and basements where there is little to no sunlight.

Lighting Control to Keep You Secure

And on the subject of task lighting, we can't forget about your security system either. Lutron lighting controls make it easier to control every aspect of your home’s lighting system, including your outdoor lighting. Motion sensing lighting can pick up movement that comes directly within range but can often be avoided by a savvy intruder. However, a lighting control system can light specific areas of your property at scheduled times and work in conjunction with your surveillance system. Say you schedule your system to arm at dark. Your lighting control system will come on at the same time, providing plenty of lighting for surveillance cameras and areas such as front and back entrances and gates.

Smart lighting control is a perfect complement to your home automation system and can provide the kind of feel and look you want in your home. If you'd like to know more about installing a lighting control system, contact our team today.  

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