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Top Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Control

Make your home’s exterior more aesthetically pleasing with landscape lighting

Top Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Control

Having a beautiful outdoor entertainment space with an immersive sound system and 4K outdoor TVs can make your home more enjoyable. But outdoor lighting makes all the difference when it comes to setting the mood and boosting the aesthetics of your property. From hanging tree lights and tiki torch lights to floodlights, downlights, and pathway lights, you have a wide range of options to give your home real personality in the evening.

Outdoor lights offer so many benefits for your luxury home. Read on to learn the top advantages of having outdoor lighting control at your Fairfield County, CT, home.


Improves Your Home’s Aesthetics 

First of all, landscape lighting makes your home’s exterior even more attractive. For instance, add tree lights to create a magical environment or niche lighting between the plants to give them a soft glow at night. You can also highlight the best architectural features of your home, giving your property depth and intrigue.

The soft illumination of outdoor lighting boosts your home’s curb appeal and makes it more aesthetically pleasing. If you have a pool or a water fountain, add pool lights to bring the water features into the limelight.

Boosts Security 

Your pathway or walkway lights also boost your home’s security. Add lights that are integrated with your security system so that specific areas illuminate when movement is detected. If someone attempts to break into your home, the sensor-based lights light up, putting the trespasser in full view of your cameras. A well-lit property naturally makes your home less appealing to burglars and intruders.

Sets the Mood 

Landscape lighting sets the mood for outdoor parties and other events. It creates the perfect environment for socializing and having a fun gathering. And when you want to spend time alone or with a loved one, the right lighting in your outdoor living space helps you relax. Dim the lights when watching movies in your outdoor home theater to get a cinematic feel or brighten them when you want to enjoy a good book in your outdoor space.

Offers Complete Automation 

Your outdoor lighting system works perfectly with your home automation system. One tap on a smart home tablet or smartphone app, and you can brighten or dim the lights wherever you are. Moreover, you can preset the lights to switch on or off at various times. For instance, your landscape lighting can light up your yard after sunset and switch off when the sun rises in the morning. Or, set a lighting scene, such as “Party,” “Quiet Time,” “Movie Night,” or “Pool Time,” and then when you select that scene, your lights and all other technologies adjust to your preprogrammed settings.

Do you want more outdoor lighting control in your smart home? Advanced Home Audio offers the best outdoor lighting solutions in Fairfield County, CT. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at 203-922-0051 or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details.

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