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3 Innovative Technologies for Your Smart Home Security System

How a State-of-the-Art Security System Keeps Your Family Safe

3 Innovative Technologies for Your Smart Home Security System

How secure is your home? You may have an iron gate, deadbolts on your doors, and security cameras, but are they enough to keep out intruders and thieves? Today’s criminals are more tech-savvy than ever. Older security systems and traditional locks aren’t enough to keep them out of your home. Instead, you need to outsmart burglars with a smart home security system.

Smart locks, gate and doorbell cameras, and AI-powered security systems make intruders think twice about entering your property. Keep reading to learn how three futuristic technologies make your home in Greenwich, CT, a safe place to live.

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  • Cameras Powered by AI

What’s better than a modern surveillance camera? How about one that thinks for itself? Smart security cameras do more than simply record footage. Instead, they are intuitive, sleek, and powered by artificial intelligence. They pose a significant threat for any sneaky trespasser on your property. Just look at their state-of-the-art features: video analytics, HD imaging, full-color nighttime video, pan-zoom-tilt capabilities, and even thermal imaging.

Also, if you want to search the security footage, it’s easy to do by entering a keyword – just like a Google search. Your entire security system can even be integrated with your landscape lighting. If a threat is detected, all the lights turn on to scare away would-be thieves.

  • Doors That Lock Automatically

Sometimes, it happens. You forget to lock the front door, close the garage door, or check all the locks before going to bed. Now, it’s not something you need to worry about. A smart lock can be controlled remotely or even programmed to operate when you’re not around. Instead of fretting about the security of your home, you can be confident that your locks have everything locked down for you.

Because the system can be integrated with your Savant smart home, you can also check your doors on your tablet or smartphone app. Lock doors, unlock them, and even operate them remotely. Not only can you control them with your mobile device, but your locks know when to engage based on pre-programmed settings and smart sensors.

Smart locks often include advanced access control features too. So, there’s no chance that crooks can pick the lock. And even if they try, you’ll be alerted immediately (by text, email, or phone call) if there is an attempted breach.

  • Gate and Doorbell Integration

There’s no need to get up when someone rings the doorbell or is at the front gate. Just check your smart tablet. Even if you aren’t home, your phone will alert you. You’ll see a live video feed of your visitor. You can also talk to the person from your smart device if you are away from home.

Let’s say you’re watching a movie in your home theater, and someone rings the doorbell. View the doorbell’s video feed on your smart tablet and communicate with the person. The system also detects motion when people come to your property. Before a car stops at your gate, the system notifies you. The same is true for your smart doorbell. You’ll be alerted immediately if anyone is there. It’s an effective way to stop trespassers or people from stealing packages from your front porch. Push a button and let them know you are watching.

Protect your home and family by upgrading to a smart security system. Call Advanced Home Audio at (203) 922-0051 or click the “Contact Us” button on this page to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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