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How to Bring Together the Ultimate Savant Smart Home

Integrate Top-Notch Smart Solutions to Create a Unified System

How to Bring Together the Ultimate Savant Smart Home

Imagine a smart home that anticipates your every need and is beyond easy to manage on a daily basis in your living space. That’s what a fully integrated Savant home automation system can be for you and your family. With just a tap of a button in your Savant app, you can have your entire system at your command.

But what features can you bring to your system to create the ultimate smart home? How can you optimize your system for daily use, and what makes it a breeze to use? In this blog, we’ll dive into your system’s potential features and why working with a trusted Savant dealer like Advanced Home Audio can make your Manhattan, NY smart home the best it can be.

Find out more by reading on below!

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Smart Home Lighting

Lighting has a huge impact on every aspect of your home – both inside and out. Illuminate your kitchen as you prepare a meal for your family or set the mood for a dinner party with dim lighting in your dining room that creates ambiance and encourages conversation. That’s the power of home lighting.

Through your Savant app on your smart device, whether it’s your smartphone or tablet, you can press a button to check out the lighting in every integrated room in your Savant system. Adjust the lighting in individual rooms with ease. Press a button to dim the lights in the foyer, brighten them in your bedroom, or turn them on and off completely with zero hassle – all from your device’s screen and app.

This makes setting the scene for any event or occasion at home easier than ever before. Get ready for hosting or for your daily routine. Press a “good night” scene button that turns off every light both inside and out of your home. This scene can also arm your smart security system at the same time, to help you sleep, knowing that your family and home is well-protected at all times.

Want to find out more about setting lighting scenes through your app? Check out the tutorial below.

Motorized Shades

Add to your home lighting control system with motorized window treatments. Integrating these solutions into your smart home can make it feel complete and ready for any situation.

Do you know how you can optimize your shades for daily use? Set them on a schedule with installed photo sensors that follow the sun’s patterns through the window. When the sun is shining in too harshly duringthe day, your shades will know to lower and reduce your solar heat gain. Then when the sun becomes less intense, the shades can raise up again.

Plus, your shades can provide insulation throughout the year, no matter the season – while also saving your energy and protecting your valuables, artwork, and delicate furniture. The Savant app lets you control your shades without any stress as well. Easily select which room’s shades you wish to manage, and lower and raise them how you see fit – without ever moving from where you are.

Distributed Audio Video

Whole home audio video is a luxurious addition to your Savant home system that can tie it all together and make your space not only convenient and comfortable, but fun and entertaining as well.

This solution lets you play your favorite music in any and every room of your home, and out in your backyard as well. Use the same trusted Savant app that manages your lighting, shading, and security, to control your high-end speakers and flat-screen TVs.

Pick playlists or peruse through streaming services’ endless options; you can play media on in-wall speakers installed throughout your home and top-quality screens located in every room. Play movies and songs in one room or in multiple and choose if it’s the same media or not. It’s all up to you.

Our team at Advanced Home Audio can ensure you get the full-on Savant home system you deserve – and the incredible features that make it what it is. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (203) 922-0051 or click the “contact us” tab on the side of your webpage to fill out our contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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