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How to Live Greener with Savant Home Automation

Review Your Power Usage and Make Real-Time Adjustments with Savant’s New Energy Modules

How to Live Greener with Savant Home Automation

Energy-conscious homeowners are likely to keep lights off in uncommonly used rooms and set their thermostats to eco-mode when they leave the house. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to saving big on power consumption. With Savant home automation, you could be doing even more.

With Savant’s energy management system, you can oversee your power usage and access the necessary tools needed to make real-time energy adjustments. Savant not only helps to ensure your home is running at maximum efficiency, but it can even save you up to thousands of dollars each year.

Our team at Advanced Home Audio wants to help transform the way you live in The Hamptons and surrounding NY area through better control of your energy use. Discover more about the power of energy management by Savant below.

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View Utility-Grade Reporting of Your Energy Usage

Savant’s new lighting and energy control modules help homeowners manage their energy consumption by delivering individual load-level control and utility-grade reporting of energy usage data throughout the home.

These energy modules snap into standard breaker panels and allow for comprehensive data reporting of your energy consumption so you can monitor usage of outlets, large appliances, pool pumps, and other electrical loads.

Easily view your energy reports from a single, intuitive interface with the Savant Pro app. You’ll know where and how much energy you are using and can make necessary adjustments from the convenience of your smartphone or touch panel.

Take Control of Your Power Consumption

It’s not enough to know how much energy you’re using every day. To see a reduction in energy use and an increase in savings, you have to make changes using this information. With Savant, you’ll have the tools you need to make adjustments throughout your home in order to optimize energy savings.

Use the Savant Pro app to manage energy loads throughout your household, cut power over to a generator during outages, shut power off to certain equipment while you’re away from the house, and save yourself from vampire loads that suck up energy even when they are “off.”

Being proactive about monitoring and managing your energy consumption helps to reduce your carbon footprint and can help you save money over time.

Incorporate Greener Solutions into Your Home

Reduce energy costs even more by upgrading to LED fixtures, lighting automation, motorized shades, and smart thermostats. Savant makes it easy to control all these smart home solutions from the same intuitive interface with which you use to monitor your energy usage. You don’t need more than one app or controller!

Manage your lights, shades, and climate throughout the house, whether you’re at home or away. Create one-tap scenes that adjust all your smart home devices at once, and even integrate motion and temperature sensors that keep lights off in unused rooms and adjust shades and thermostats when rooms get too hot or too cold.

Our team at Advanced Home Audio can help you create an energy-efficient home that promotes greener living long into the future. Learn more about Savant’s home automation solutions and energy modules, as well as how to incorporate them into your home by calling (203) 922-0051 or by filling out the contact form on the righthand side of the screen.

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