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Articles in Category: Video Conferencing Fairfield County, CT

Customers in Fairfield County, CT, can rely on us when installing home video conferencing that matches the efficiency and professionalism of an office environment.

Install Home Video Conferencing for Delay Free Zoom Meetings

Eliminate Dropped Conference Calls with Home Video Conferencing.

Install Home Video Conferencing for Delay Free Zoom Meetings

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to share your PowerPoint presentation with a client, and when you get to the real substance of your talk, you freeze. It's not nerves; it's your internet connection. You are asked to repeat yourself, maybe log off and back on, all while your client stares at the clock and your frozen screen.

This is the nightmare of video conferencing remotely. And while you can adjust your internet settings and router, your computer or laptop's limitations make it impossible to do much else, like work simultaneously in other programs. And forget about call quality. But with a home video conferencing system integrated into your home automation system, you can have the quality and stability you have in the office conference room.