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Upgrade Your Home Office with a Strong Network and Top-Tier AV

Create the Perfect Home Office Setup with the Latest Technology

Upgrade Your Home Office with a Strong Network and Top-Tier AV

When is the last time you upgraded your home office? Your home office needs to be comfortable enough to sit in for long hours and functional enough to encourage productivity and motivate you to focus on your work. The best home office setup should include a comfortable chair that supports your back, a desk with enough space to accommodate all your office equipment, high-quality AVsolutions for effective video conferencing, and a strong home network to support all your connected activities.

Read on to learn how the right audio-video equipment and a professional home network installation  will make your home office in Rye, NY more functional for remote work today and tomorrow.

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Audio Video Equipment

As much of the workforce moves online in the long-term, video conferencing has become a vital part of the normalworkday. If your audio-video equipment is subpar, it will affect your ability to communicate with your colleagues and could even affect work deadlines. Upgrade your home office with the latest in teleconferencing technology for a seamless workday. A high-quality microphone and speakers will facilitate crystal-clear two-way communication. External cameras are also a must, as they feature wider-angle lenses with pan and tilting capabilities and 4K HDR recording support. Mount your camera where it suits you best rather than having to rely on the single-eye, low-quality camera embedded in your laptop.

A Strong Home Network

The backbone of any home office is a strong home network. To access essential information from your company and communicate with your coworkers via video, you need a home network that is both robust and secure. If you often experience issues connecting to the internet while working,you may be overdue for an upgrade.

Your network's bandwidth can become overcrowded when you and your family use multiple smart devices at the same time, or when your spouse is also telecommutingand your children are attending online classes. To prevent connectivity issues, you need a router that supports high-bandwidth activity and can prioritize network traffic to ensure everything runs smoothly at the same time. You may also need properly placed access points to improve Wi-Fi signal throughout your homeincluding outdoors—so that everyone can work and play successfully no matter where they are. Stream 4K movies, participate in online meetings, and access the internet on your phone, all without interruption.

To find out more about the best upgrades for your home office, including a stronger home network,contact us on our website or give us a call at 203-922-0051. We can help you create the ultimate conferencing environment in the comfort of home.

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