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Immerse Yourself in Music with a Home Sound System

Put the Earbuds Away and Fill Your Home with the Music You Love

Immerse Yourself in Music with a Home Sound System

What’s better – going to a live concert to hear your favorite band or listening to music through your earbuds? They both have their benefits, but if you really love to feel the music, the only way to experience it is by getting the music out of your head (i.e., your earbuds). It’s time to amp up your music-listening experience with a home sound system. Your home in The Hamptons, NY, will move to the sound of music in every room . . . and you can put the earbuds away.

A multi-room audio system with hi-fi speakers makes you feel like you have a live band in your home. You’ll also enjoy the ultimate in control, comfort, and convenience because your multi-room audio system is fully integrated with your Savant smart home. Read more to learn about the benefits of installing a whole-home audio system.

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Let the Music Follow You

Decades ago, people had to listen to music in one room or crank up the volume to hear it from further away. Then, when headphones and earbuds came out, they could go anywhere. However, even though the sound quality was good, something was missing. Nothing compares to the “thump” of rich bass sounds in your chest and the enveloping audio dynamics that fill a space. Besides, earbuds can be a hassle. They come with wires, or they must be charged.

Disconnect from the tech, and fill your rooms with music. With a whole-home sound system, you enjoy crisp, clear, and high-quality music– and you can hear the same music wherever you go – inside or outside (with an outdoor AV system). A high-end audio system with separate zones, allows you to play different songs in different rooms or the same soundtrack throughout the house. So, you can listen to “oldies” in one room while your child listens to the newest songs in another room.

No Wires, No Mess, No Fuss

When you have an integrated sound system, you won’t deal with volume knobs, speaker adjustments, and messy cables. In fact, you won’t see them at all! All the tech is hidden in a separate area – out of sight and out of mind. You can even hide speakers in the walls and ceilings. Because your home audio system is interfaced with your Savant smart home, controlling it is simple. Just use your smartphone or tablet to change songs, adjust the volume, and choose the rooms where you want to play the music.

Home Audio Isn’t Only about Music

Maybe you’re not a music fan. That’s fine too. A home sound system is also the perfect way to listen to podcasts, news, talk shows, and anything else. You’ll stay informed wherever you go. At the same time, if you’re watching a show in your home theater, and you need to step away, you don’t have to miss out on the action. Listen to the movie through the speakers in your other rooms.

Make your home a place that’s filled with music! Call Advanced Home Audio at (203) 922-0051 to request a consultation, or reach out through our contact form on the righthand side of the screen. We look forward to hearing from you.

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