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How Lutron’s Ketra Lighting Transforms Your Smart Home

Create a luxurious space with Lutron’s Ketra intelligent lighting

How Lutron’s Ketra Lighting Transforms Your Smart Home

Lutron, the leader in intelligent lighting control, expanded their portfolio in 2018 by acquiring Ketra, the leader in LED technology. When Rye, NY homeowners pair Ketra LEDs with Lutron control, they’re presented with a world of possibilities for lighting their spaces and transforming the way they live.

It’s time to move away from stagnant, harsh, traditional lighting and discover the magic of Ketra. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits that Ketra tunable LEDs will offer you.


Wide Range of Color Options

Generally, homes are illuminated with either stagnant cool-white or warm-yellow lighting that doesn’t change in color temperature. Unfortunately, warm-yellow lighting isn’t great for focusing, and cool-white lighting isn’t great for entertaining or relaxing in the evening.

With Ketra LEDs paired with Lutron control, you can experiment with as many light colors as possible. In fact, Ketra LEDs span from 1,400 Kelvin to 10,000 Kelvin, allowing you to smoothly transition your lighting from warm amber hues to bright, crystal-white hues at any time of the day.

Beyond white color temperature, you can adjust your lights to various pastels and saturated colors, too. Ketra LEDs can produce approximately 17 million colors from a single light source. With so many color options to choose from, your home will always be shown in the perfect light.

Bring the Benefits of Natural Light Inside

Do you suffer from sleep problems? With Ketra human-centric lighting, you can match the correlated color temperature of your home’s lights to that of natural sunlight to help you stay focused during the day and relaxed at night.

Our sleep-wake cycle is regulated by the changing color temperature of sunlight. But most of us are cooped up inside under stagnant artificial light, so we don’t get the sunlight exposure that we need. This lack of sunlight exposure can disrupt our sleep-wake cycle and cause poor sleeping habits. But when you choose Ketra, you can reap the benefits of natural sunlight while staying indoors. 

Ketra LEDs can mimic the changing color temperature and brightness of sunlight and gradually adjust throughout the day on their own. Enjoy bright, cool-white light by day and warm, dim lighting by night.

Set the Mood 

Whether you’re hosting a party or an intimate dinner date, you can create the perfect environment based on the event or your mood with Ketra LEDs and Lutron control. Create preset light scenes that transform several fixtures at once with just the tap of a button.

For example, a “Dinner” light scene can dim your dining room ceiling lights to 30%, warm them to 2700 Kelvin, and brighten your dining room pendant lights to 75%. The lighting scenes are entirely up to you! 


Are you ready to install intelligent lighting in your residence? Advanced Home Audio partners with Lutron and Ketra to bring you the best in smart lighting solutions. Get started on your project today by calling 203-922-0051. We can’t wait to work with you!