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Create the Perfect Mood with Today’s Landscape Lighting

Bring Beauty & Elegance to Your Backyard with Outdoor Lighting Control

Create the Perfect Mood with Today’s Landscape Lighting

Many homeowners consider landscape lighting as a means of creating more time with friends and family in their outdoor areas. Well-lit patios and pool areas extend al fresco dining, pool parties, and social gatherings long into the evening. However, today’s landscape lighting design offers so much more.

At Advanced Home Audio, we partner with world leaders in home automation and lighting control, creating spaces of beauty that enhance our clients’ daily lives. For outdoor lighting, that brand is Coastal Source. 

Let’s explore the endless possibilities in landscape lighting and how we create tailored solutions designed for your lifestyle and activities in Greenwich, CT.

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The Possibilities

Outdoor lighting does more than provide light to your properties when darkness arrives. It adds ambiance, sets the mood for various activities, and illuminates pathways and stairs for safe navigation. When Coastal Source entered the outdoor lighting and audio arena, they expanded the possibilities. 

Because their high-performance outdoor lighting solutions are made entirely of brass, they're designed to last a lifetime and defy the elements, including our cold, snowy winters. In addition, their numerous fixtures enable our team to create breathtaking beauty unique to every homeowner’s dream and requirement. 

A few examples of the nearly limitless options include bullet lights for highlighting your finest landscape and architectural features. Well-lights provide uplighting that creates dramatic shadowing. Coastal Source’s small-in-stature flex Niche lights offer powerful illumination from a source that is barely seen. Tree lights can downwardly cast filtered illumination through the leaves, creating a sense of moonlight.

Setting the Mood

Lighting can instantly change the mood from a luminescent, magical oasis to a dramatic and dynamic setting. Many of our clients travel the world and bring back ideas from their trips abroad. They may want their patio to reflect old-world charm or remind them of the villages from the south of France. For these spaces, we may incorporate lanterns, elegant string lights, soft-lit globes, and lights that resemble fireflies. 

By integrating your landscape lighting with your home automation system, we can create scenes that change the outdoor lighting for the occasion. For instance, tap the "Outdoor Dining" icon on a touchscreen, and your patio lights softly illuminate while jazz fills the air. When friends and family are coming over, press the “Outdoor Entertainment" icon. The water features brighten in blues and greens, the Tiki torches around the pool ignite, and Hawaiian music spreads through your outdoor space.

Illumination From Within

Now, when you press a button to open your motorized shades in the evening, the windows facing your backyard reveal a masterpiece of light, creating a work of art framed by your windows.

At Advanced Home Audio, we utilize the latest best-in-class home technology to design systems unique to every client that enhance their properties and provide effortless control. To learn about outdoor lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Advanced Home Audio today.