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Articles in Category: Light Color Temperature Greenwich, CT

Advanced Home Audio is your lighting design and home automation expert serving Greenwich, CT. Call us to learn about your home and light color temperature.

Create a Healthier Home with Dynamic and Natural Light

Learn How Light Color Temperature Affects Your Well-Being

Create a Healthier Home with Dynamic and Natural Light

Good lighting in a home transforms a space, setting the desired mood while allowing you to perform the many tasks accompanying the day. It aligns ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a space of intrigue and draw the eye to your home’s best architectural features.

Great lighting considers the quality and color of the light and its profound effect on our well-being. It assesses how it affects our moods, emotions, and physiological responses. Light color temperature has been shown to affect almost every aspect of our being, from the health of our eyes to our moods and sleep cycles.

Fortunately, with today's dynamic, full-spectrum lighting, we can instantly change our home's lighting, creating spaces that offer relaxation, peace, increased energy, and enjoyment.

Let’s explore the world of revolutionary LED technology