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Advanced Home Audio specializes in intelligent lighting installation for luxury homes in Rye, NY. Contact us to learn more.

Intelligent Lighting Brings Beautiful Illumination & Wellness

Experience the Power of LED Technology and Home Automation

Intelligent Lighting Brings Beautiful Illumination & Wellness

While home automation touches every aspect of our lives, creating a luxurious lifestyle and unprecedented ease of living, the advancements in lighting have genuinely transformed our everyday experiences. A 2023 survey by Lutron found that 75% of today’s homeowners believe lighting is one of their home's most essential design elements.

Today’s intelligent lighting combines the latest LED technology with home automation. It supports wellness and healthy sleep schedules, creates a changing ambiance, and connects us to nature. These innovative lighting solutions have shifted our thinking from light as a way to see in the dark to light that transforms and shapes our experiences. 

Let’s explore how this latest technology is transforming homes in Rye, NY.  

How Lutron’s Ketra Lighting Transforms Your Smart Home

Create a luxurious space with Lutron’s Ketra intelligent lighting

How Lutron’s Ketra Lighting Transforms Your Smart Home

Lutron, the leader in intelligent lighting control, expanded their portfolio in 2018 by acquiring Ketra, the leader in LED technology. When Rye, NY homeowners pair Ketra LEDs with Lutron control, they’re presented with a world of possibilities for lighting their spaces and transforming the way they live.

It’s time to move away from stagnant, harsh, traditional lighting and discover the magic of Ketra. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits that Ketra tunable LEDs will offer you.