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Let Advanced Home Audio be your Technology Concierge

Estate Valet is a program that specializes in commitment to the most important aspect of any system, you. Building a robust home system is just the beginning of what we do. Our staff is here to provide you with more than just the occasional call or answer a few questions!

Estate Valet is a premier service that allows us to serve you in ways you never thought were possible.

The Standard

Phone and Email Support
The easiest way to get a hold of our dedicated support team. With just a phone call or an email, our service team can provide you with the help you need, when you want it.
Support hours are Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM.

Remote Diagnostic and Repair
Allow us to service your system and correct problems on the back end, without even entering your home. By being linked to our network, we can troubleshoot and repair problems by viewing your system remotely, at no charge to you.

support-conciergeConcierge Technologist
Advanced Home Audio’s Concierge Technologist is here to help you with any questions about your Savant system and beyond. Our technologist will provide you with an additional training session, providing service on anything from your home system to teaching you more about your iOS setup.

Preferred Rate
Applies anytime a technician is dispatched to your home. In the event we cannot resolve the issue remotely, our service team will schedule you for the next available time slot.

Warranty Support
Don’t worry when a component fails in your system. We work with the manufacturer and make the best attempt to get the unit replaced and installed back into your system. No need to call 1-800-SOMEWHERE for a replacement. Service rates apply.

The Premium

The Premium package includes all of the services in the Standard package, plus


Extended Business Hours
For clients with busy schedules and numerous commitments. Our dedicated service team is ready to help you when questions arise even after the sun goes down. If you work late then that’s alright, we work late too.

Annual On-site Maintenance
Ensure that your system is running at peak performance. Premium members enjoy one on-site visit per year to do some clean up, check up and shape up on your system. This two hour dedicated time slot allows us to check your entire system, top to bottom.

Concierge Technologist
Advanced Home Audio believes that your home system is an extension of the home itself. And the only way to truly love your system is to know how to use it. Premium members are provided TWO training sessions to cover the basic and then some.

The Platinum

The Platinum package includes all of the services in the Premium package, plus…


Prevent your system from ever being obsolete, even in the fast paced world of technology. With SavantCare, we keep your system running on the most current software, supporting the most current features. Your system will never be out of date again. For Savant customers only.


Preferred Response Time
Allow us to assist you in the quickest way possible. This includes same day response with remote diagnostic/repair and preferred scheduling for on-site visit next day. We make the absolute best effort to ensure that your system is taken care of, front to back.

support-concierge-3Platinum Maintenance
Platinum members receive both a 6-month and a 12-month clean up. At these visits, we will ensure you are running the most up to date software and fill you in on new features. You also get THREE visits with our technologist, providing you with everything there is to know about your home system.

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