Wilton Online, March 2007

Bill Charney, owner of Advanced Home Audio, is mentioned in this Wilton Online article for his high quality technology systems including home theater, audio, lighting, climate and automation.

Bill Charney, the owner of Advanced Home Audio in Shelton, recently designed and built a home theater for a client from the ground up. “It’s a dedicated room with professional grade components. We wrapped the walls in fabric; this not only looks great, but works well acoustically. The room has columns that were also wrapped in the same fabric. We put in black carpeting, black leather seats, crown and baseboard moldings, sconces, and a stage in the front of the room underneath the screen. The screen is hidden behind motorized drapes that open with a touch of the remote. The entire room is quite dramatic,” he explained.

Not every room can be transformed into a media room. A dedicated home theater works best in a room that offers acoustical and lighting control. People watch TV, movies, and sports events at all times of day so even with window treatments, light and glare can be an issue in any room that’s above ground. Homeowners installing an upgraded system in their family room may call it a media room, but this room typically opens to the kitchen so it doesn’t provide ideal acoustics and receives too much natural light. Basements, as long as they’re dry and have high enough ceilings, can work well because they tend to be naturally dark. “Ideally, you want a closed, windowless room so you can control the acoustics and ambient light,” advised Charney.

Read the full article, “Media Rooms: Hollywood at Home” by Carolyn Rundle Field in Wilton Online, March 2007.

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