About Projectors via Electronic House, May 2009

The owner, Bill Charney, and the rest of the Advanced Home Audio team is featured in an article on AboutProjectors (via Electronic House) with their 1930s art deco style home theater.

“One of the most influential periods of time was the 1930s. This era was the beginning of Radio City Music Hall and a unique art form called the art deco. At the time, art deco looked almost futuristic with the use of materials like aluminum, stainless steel and inlaid wood. The style was also very simple and inspired many vehicles and buildings to have a streamline look.


Recently, a home owner contracted Bill Charney of Advanced Home Audio to design a retro art deco home theater, but include the latest in audio and visual technology. In order to fully understand what the owner wanted, the company took a trip to Radio City Music Hall in New York to take pictures and see first hand what the owner wanted. They built the theater with two rooms, the main lobby and the theater. The entrance to the lobby has two doors that are decorated to look authentic to the time period as well as an authentic ticket booth and a state-of-the-art scrolling marquee to display what movie is being showed. The lobby/bar area looks like a 1930s recording studio with all the digital equipment displayed on custom built racks. Typically home owners want to hide the equipment, but the designers thought that displaying the equipment would help complement the design.”


Read the full article, “1930 Art Deco Style Home Theater” featured in About Projectors, May 2009.

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