Electronic House Magazine, January 2010

Bill Charney, the owner of Advanced Home Audios, is featured in an Electronic House Magazine article for their outstanding custom technology solutions.

electronic-house-jan-2010Given the size of the residence, the family knew that managing it would be tough without some type of home control system. Their system would certainly need to provide a quick, easy means of operating the lights, thermostats, audio/video equipment and security sensors. But there were many other technologies the family thought their system should handle as well. “They figured if they were making the investment in a home control system, they didn’t just want it to operate one or two subsystems, but every single system in the house,” says Bill Charney of Advanced Home Audio in Shelton, Conn.

The AMX system recommended by Charney had the brains and the brawn to do just that. More than a dozen AMX touchpanels were installed inside the home to allow the family to operate the controls of their swimming pool and spa, an elevator, motorized gates and garage doors, moveable artwork, adjustable surveillance cameras and gas fireplaces. They would also be able to manage the watering schedule of a custom-designed irrigation system, the inventory of a computerized wine cellar and the fuel levels of oil and propane tanks.

Managing all of the electronic systems in this home could have been a nightmare for its owners, had it not been for the AMX system. The custom-designed home management system consolidates the controls of every electronics device and makes them accessible from several strategically located touchpanels.

Read the full article, “Home Control to the Extreme” by Lisa Montgomery featured in Electronic House Magazine, January 2010.

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