Electronic House Magazine, April 2013

Bill Charney and the Advanced Home Audio team is featured in Electronic House Magazine for their unique and advanced home theater solutions from floor to ceiling.

ehpub_logos_eh“These homeowners were no strangers to home theaters. They had them in some form or other in the past, according to custom electronics firm Advanced Home Audio’s Bill Charney, but with advanced technology they wanted it to be truly unique this time.”

“The owner was looking for a very high-end audio and video experience in addition to wanting a very modern aesthetic look in the theater,” says Charney. “The screen incorporates motorized masking panels that adjust to the Hollywood (from 16:9 HDTV aspect ratio to 2.35:1 CinemaScope super-wide) image. The screen size, speaker system and curtain in the room’s front proscenium were balanced carefully to maintain a ‘floating’ ceiling architecture, while still providing superior performance.”

“The team implemented a creative ceiling design making the ceiling appear to ‘float’ or be magically suspended in the room,” says Charney.

Read the full article, “‘Floating” Ceiling Glows Above CinemaScope Theater” by Arlen Schweiger featured in Electronic House Magazine, April 2013.

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