2009 Home of the Year & Silver Winner for Best Home Theater $250,001+

Bill Charney and the Advanced Home Audio Team was awarded the 2009 Home of the Year award, as well as the Silver Winner for Best Home Theater over $250,000.

“The owner had great memories of living in Manhattan, and was particularly interested in all the history behind the city’s art deco-inspired buildings,” says Bill Charney of Advanced Home Audio in Shelton, Conn. Assigned with the task of recreating the imagery, Charney and his crew visited Radio City Music Hall, where they took scads of photographs to serve as a model for the room design. They then handed it over to Theo Kalomirakis Theaters in New York City while they focused on the implementation of the technology.

From the 133-inch Stewart Filmscreen screen to the 11 McIntosh Labs amplifiers, the equipment sets a high-performance standard for this 520-square-foot theater. The curved, superwide screen was chosen for its ability to “wrap” every viewer in the action, regardless of where they’re seated.

“Everybody, even people seated on the sides, experiences the movie as if they’re sitting directly in front of the screen,” says Charney.

The illuminated marquee in the lobby mimics that hue, giving this sensational theater a personality all its own.

Read the full article, “Fantasy Theater Honors Art Deco Era” by Lisa Montgomery featured in Electronic House Magazine, May 2009.

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