CE Pro Magazine, March 2014

The owner of Advanced Home Audio, Bill Charney addressed in this article, “What was the most profitable thing you did last year?”

In 2013, AHA upped its sales game by adding a sales person and adopting Salez Toolz, a software program that lets integrators create a basic project while sitting with a customer, without having to build a full-blown proposal.

AHA also “spent the whole year working on metrics,” according to Charney. “It tells you financially where you are going to be in three months.”

Installers check in via an app and metrics are shared within the company. A giant board on the premises charts progress, which “keeps everyone accountable,” Charney says. “You don’t have to club anyone down. You’re policing yourselves.”

Read the full article, “Dealers: The Most Profitable Things We Did Last Year” by Julie Jacobson featured in CEPro Magazine, March 2014.

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